GMB Union is ‘looking forward to working with new Wilko leadership’ after chairwoman Lisa Wilkinson stepped down.

Nadine Houghton, GMB National Officer, said: 

“Wilko is in desperate need of new direction. Securing the company's finances is a positive step, but the business can't grow and prosper without the support of loyal team members.  

“For a long time, GMB members at Wilko have made the case the company can be successful if it gets back to doing what it does best.  

“To do this, Wilko must be genuinely affordable - a good value retailer for hard working families with customers understanding what the brand represents.   

“We look forward to working with the new CEO and board chair to help turn the business around. 

“GMB members have stood by Wilko in good and bad times, they want the company to succeed and have a wealth of knowledge and experience the new leadership can rely on. 

“Wilko workers have had to endure growing incidents of workplace violence, have been key workers through covid and dealt with damaging supplier issues.  

“Now is the time to put team members at the heart of the Wilko recovery strategy to secure the future of the business.” 



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