GMB's Rugby League Players' Association Respond To Demise Of League 13

The Rugby League Players’ Association (RLPA), which is part of GMB, expressed disappointment to hear of the demise of League 13 as it leaves any remaining members of League 13 in a vulnerable position without support or representation from a professional body.

The RLPA is keen to meet up with former members of League 13 who were passionate and active with the aim to have an active representative within every club says Rugby League Players’ Association

Steve Jennings, GMB senior organiser, said “At the launch of League 13 the RLPA and GMB publicly stated that this organisation did not have the infrastructure and financial support to be able to provide members with the benefits and representations that a major experienced trade union, such as the GMB, could provide.  This sadly proved to be the case.

The RLPA have secured over one million pounds in compensation for players and members over the past 6 years and over £100,000 so far during 2015. This could not have been achieved without the strength and backing of GMB.

Despite an initial minor reduction in membership within the RLPA as a result of the launch of League 13, we have continued to grow and many players who were former RLPA members have returned to us over the past few years.

The RLPA is based, operated and organised through the GMB Yorkshire & North Derbyshire region and is open to all rugby league players and ground staff.

The RLPA is keen to meet up with former members of League 13 who were passionate and active within the organisation.  The RLPA wants to engage with them and support their passion for improving the game and members’ terms and conditions. Our aim is to have an active RLPA representative within every club.  The GMB offer superb in-house training for future and current RLPA representatives.

Being part of a strong established union is a player’s insurance policy for their employment at their club. You never know what’s round the corner in the game of Rugby League.   The RLPA and GMB will be working with the RFL, clubs and players during the new season to ensure that they know the benefits of GMB membership.

We would wish to publicly state that former members and new players are welcome to join the RLPA.  Anyone wanting to join should visit the RLPA website at or telephone/text Geoff Burrow on 07788 413585.   Online joining is also available at”.


For further details contact Tim Roache (GMB Regional Secretary, Yorkshire & North Derbyshire Region) 0345 337 7777  Steve Jennings MCIPD (GMB Senior Organiser, Sports) 07958 156831 or Geoff Burrow (GMB Sports Secretary/ RLPA)  07813593951



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