GMB Stands In Solidarity With Junior Doctors

GMB Yorkshire and North Derbyshire region stood in solidarity with junior doctors when they took industrial action yesterday in relation to contract changes. The government want to impose a new contract on junior doctors.

Plans to redefine unsociable hours mean doctors will earn less money for working evenings and weekends. They also want to change the maximum number of working hours a junior doctor can work. The BMA are seriously concerned this will put patients’ lives at risk as the doctors will be overworked and tired.

Cath Pinder, GMB branch secretary from Brighouse General Branch, organised GMB support for the Dewsbury Hospital picket-line.  She said: GMB members, local councillors and the public alike felt compelled to come and show support for the junior doctors. We will stand shoulder to shoulder with them in their fight. NHS staff are under constant threat of the downgrading of hard fought for terms and conditions. Junior doctors today, another group of hardworking NHS staff tomorrow; we pledge our support to our colleagues in the BMA."





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