GMB: The Union for Key Workers - In service of the public

GMB along with sister unions have again met with the NJC Joint Secretaries to discuss urgent issues relating to the Coronavirus and also to discuss the on-going pay talks.

Unprecedented times
We have told the employers that the most dangerous place to be during this epidemic is on the frontline. And local authority staff - overwhelmingly key workers - are pulling together despite great personal risk, to get the job done and protect the public.

Public sector worker heroes
GMB have long been campaigning for what we know are our public sector heroes. Our teaching assistants working through holidays to look after the children of other front line staff, our refuse collectors keeping our communities clean, our parks staff supporting the 2m distancing and sometimes being abused for it, and countless other vital roles in service of the public.

Clap for key workers
The public and politicians are lining up to applaud the heroic efforts of our frontline, public sector workers. But this does not change the fact that the NJC workforce has seen the value of its pay fall by more than 20% over the last decade.

Fair reward for a vital role
The Covid-19 crisis has thrown a spotlight on the importance of our councils and the value of council and school staff.

GMB alongside the sister unions have written to the LGA see link below



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