GMB to Lobby Doncaster NHS Board Meeting Over Plans To Outsource Hospital Services

GMB, the union for NHS workers across the UK, will hold a demo outside of Doncaster Royal Infirmary on Monday, 30th April, at the same time as the Trust’s board meet to discuss a feasibility study which if put into action will mean services at the Trust will be transferred to a wholly owned subsidiary.

GMB believes that the Trust want to create a new company and run NHS services from it so they can dodge paying VAT and opt out of national agreements on pay terms and conditions. Many workers could be affected by this and the trade unions, Labour Party and Doncaster Trades Council are working together to stop this latest attack on the NHS.

GMB NHS officer, Stacey Booth, said: “Wholly owned subsidiaries are bad for staff, bad for patients and bad for the NHS. While bosses keep saying there will be no changes to terms and conditions, where it’s happened elsewhere those promises gave came to nothing.”

“We’ve seen new staff paid less than existing ones, which puts everyone under pressure. It’s bad for new starters and bad for staff who know they can be replaced by cheaper workers.”

“Employers might say ‘but the new company will still be owned by the NHS’ then why do it in the first place?”

“GMB Union is fighting against plans to privatise the NHS by the back door. We want to keep our NHS in the NHS and to ensure that staff pay, terms and conditions are protected.”

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For further details contact Stacy Booth on 07813-541788 or Katherine Mitchell on 07813-541792 or Caroline Jones on 0345 337 7777.

Notes to Editors, demo will take place on: Monday 30th April 2018, at: 8am until 11am
Gate 4 - Doncaster Royal Infirmary




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