GMB has launched an indicative ballot for industrial action at Calderdale Council.  The ballot will cover workers in Green Spaces, Street Scene, Transport and Community Protection, and is in response to members’ concerns that their GMB rep is being bullied by management.

The Council has written to GMB confirming that they are investigating allegations from managers against one of our reps, but has given no details as to what those allegations are.

GMB has been campaigning for a new facilities agreement for trade union reps at Calderdale Council and has accused the Council of having an anti-trade union culture and policy process.  As well as favouring outsourced workers over their own staff, they are out of date with equality in their pay structures.

Jake O’Malley, GMB Organiser at Calderdale, said:  “Our members are angry that soon after their rep and union raised their concerns with the Council over the anti-trade union stance we see at Calderdale, managers launched an investigation into his ‘alleged’ behaviour.

“We see this as just another attack from an ever-increasing anti-trade union stance this authority has shown.  From what we can tell so far, our rep seems to be under attack for criticising a presentation that staff were shown in a big tent that no one could see or hear - pathetic by any measure.   We all know this isn’t what’s behind this and rest assured we will support our rep.

“Bizarrely, managers have even asked me to attend formal investigation meetings and have offered the opportunity for me to have a rep present.  I am not employed by the Council and never have been, so when they sack me for refusing let’s see how that plays out.  GMB will ask for an urgent meeting with the Council’s leadership, but an indicative industrial action ballot will commence on Monday.”  





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