GMB Union Says It’s Time To 'Show Some Love' To Region’s Struggling Workforce

GMB trade union, which represents more than 640,000 workers across the UK, is set to target non-unionised workplaces across Yorkshire this week as part of its #LoveGMBUnion week, which will see unionised workplaces celebrate the fantastic work that GMB and its army of volunteers do to promote the welfare of workers and improve terms and conditions in workplaces across the region.

GMB Organising Branch, which is a local branch of the GMB based in Cleckheaton, will be campaigning outside the companies where GMB members work but management refuse to recognise GMB for collective bargaining purposes.  In an age when many workers are still subjected to zero hour contracts, minimum wage rates of pay and the most basic of conditions,  GMB says it’s now time for employers and the Government to sit-up and realise that we are living in the 21st Century. 

GMB is a modern progressive trade union fit for the 21st Century and we want our workplaces to be the same, not something reminiscent of the 1800’s.

Cath Pinder, Branch Secretary of GMB Organising Branch, said: “We will be standing outside these companies so we can promote the benefits of GMB to the workforce.  We have written to the management, and in some cases, met with them but they refuse to recognise the GMB.  We have a duty to our members to help them organise their workplaces so they can have their say.  It is 2018 but the world of work is getting worse for many workers with zero hour contracts, unsociable hours, many on low pay and the working poor often using food banks to survive.”

Bill Chard, Branch Organiser, said: “Unions make sure that change is negotiated, not imposed.  People that work in unionised workplaces get paid more and the conditions are safer. Safety studies show that workers are twice as likely to be injured in a non-unionised workplace. This is because in unionised workplaces, employers have to work with union appointed safety reps and set up safety committees.  Wouldn’t good employers want their workforce to be safe?  Our members love GMB because they know that we will fight their corner.”

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For further comment and photo opportunity contact: Cath Pinder on 07801-420985, Bill Chard on 07908-799509 or Caroline Jones on 07800 714247.


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