Help Support Homeless Charity Simon on the Streets (Leeds)

Every year Simon on the Streets hold ‘Sleep Out’ events across the region to raise much needed funding and awareness for homeless people. Our region has in the past arranged our own ‘Sleep Out’ in Millennium Square in 2012.

This year’s Leeds event is on Thursday 27th September 2018, at the Royal Armouries Tilt Yard. Our aim is to get a large contingent of GMB members at the event to raise awareness and of course money.

So we would like you to dig out your sleeping bags, hats and gloves and come and sleep with us. Are you up for the challenge? Put yourself out for a few hours, feel uncomfortable for a little while and show your support!

Follow the facebook link to register and once you're in, email: ([email protected]) to let her know.  Get your branches, workplaces, friends and family to sponsor you as well.

Facebook Simon on the Streets

Their mission is:

"We provide emotional and practical support to people with complex needs who cannot or will not access other services. Within that group we focus on people who are homeless and rootless, especially those with issues related to rough sleeping.

We seek to work with other agencies to ensure that our service users are never left unsupported. We aim to provide continuous support to prevent relapse into problematic behaviour and to enable individuals to move to a stage where they no longer need formal support services.

We provide volunteers with the opportunity to develop new skills, and to be part of an organisation where the values of understanding, respect, commitment and trust are paramount.

We seek to enable people to respond to our service users in a compassionate, caring and empathetic way, to raise awareness of their plight and to articulate the voice of the marginalised."




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