Workers will take part in a ballot for industrial action if their union rep isn’t reinstated with immediate effect, says GMB Union.

GMB members at Enigma Industrial Services, based at the Syngenta Chemical plant in Huddersfield, will take part in an industrial action ballot over the victimisation of their union rep.

Since the appointment of the newly elected rep, there has been a concerted effort by management to ‘make life difficult’.

It started with an instruction to transfer to another site more than 250 miles away, accusations of holding unofficial union meetings and a disciplinary investigation for reporting a health and safety concern.

The union rep was eventually suspended for allegedly using a workshop as a messroom that contained nothing more than an old fridge, some cups, a fork, and an empty flapjack packet.

This highly skilled worker is now sat at home waiting for the outcome of an investigation.   

GMB Organiser, Andrew Aldwinkle, said:  

 “The treatment of this rep at the Syngenta site in Huddersfield is an absolute disgrace and Enigma should make attempts to build bridges and stop this victimisation.  

“Workers are being asked to say yes to a full industrial action ballot unless their union rep is reinstated.

“Enigma managers should be in no doubt that unless they change their behaviour, they will be confronted with workers on the gates.

“I am sure that neither Enigma nor Syngenta want to see picket lines in Huddersfield.”



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