Labour conference backs energy workers' futures

GMB Union says Labour conference’s backing hundreds of thousands of energy workers will be welcomed in working class communities across the UK. 

Gary Smith, GMB General Secretary said: 

“Labour Conference’s backing for the future of hundreds of thousands of energy workers will be welcomed in working class communities across our regions and nations.  

“We support a Green New Deal but it can’t be based on running down industries and making tens of thousands redundant – that’s not how you take workers and their communities with you. 

“That’s why the support for the creation of tens of thousands of new low-carbon nuclear jobs is vital, that’s why recognising the realities of the UK’s gas needs in the grip of a growing energy crisis is vital and that’s why a commitment to stop the mass export of offshore manufacturing jobs is vital.  
“The Labour Party Conference has taken a big step forward towards ensuring that climate justice and economic justice go hand in hand as the UK plays its part in tackling the climate crisis.” 





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