Latest bulletin for local government workers: NJC 2021 PAY OFFER

Further to recent updates GMB is now able to announce that the 2021 1.75% pay award has finally been agreed by Unison as well as GMB meaning that it can now be paid to you

Having delivered our ballot in January, it has been frustrating waiting for news from the other unions knowing that any payment made after March will be subject to higher National Insurance costs as a result of the increase due on 1st April. Although the costs involved in this are negligible (for example, an employee on £20,000 PA would lose £4.38) we believe that you should get every penny of what a low award is and have been pushing to ensure that you get it.

GMB reps and officers are now pushing for Councils to make the payment in March to ensure that you get your back pay as soon as possible.

Now that the current pay round has been concluded, GMB will be consulting with members on your pay aspirations for 2022.

We know that inflation is at a level not seen for thirty years and that is before the additional costs caused by the increase in the energy price cap come into effect. Government and your employers need to understand that you simply can’t be expected to accept further below inflation pay awards and we will need to send a message that unless they table a decent rise, our members will not accept it. As a result, please keep an eye out for further bulletins as we fight for fair wages over the coming months.



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