GMB Union is today reiterating its calls for sunlight to be thrown upon Teesworks.

Since the inception of Teesworks the site, its future and its funding has been surrounded by mystery. We now know that millions of pounds have been squandered from the public purse, whilst a few select individuals have made massive profits.

GMB has been consistently raising concerns about the future of employment on the site and has repeatedly asked to meet 

Ben Houchen to ensure the site delivers good, well paying unionised jobs in a safe working environment. 

Mr Houchen is refusing to engage with the unions.

We know that unions play a vital role in ensuring that good workplace practices are in place. 

It was unions that led to fair treatment of workers regardless of their status and characteristics; it was unions who through campaigning for workplace safety dramatically improved the health and safety records of the UK; and it will be unions who throw light onto the next generation of jobs in Teesside.

GMB is now calling for Ben Houchen, the site investors and employers to meet with unions as a matter of urgency to discuss the welfare of our members and to ensure decent, well paid unionised jobs across Teesworks.

Andrew Blunt, GMB Organiser, said:

"GMB has made repeated attempts to contact the key players to discuss shaping the future of Teesworks, and to make sure it delivers the great, well paid, skilled jobs that Teesside need, but we face obstacle after obstacle. 

"GMB will not stand back and watch deregulated freeports being used at the expense of our members' long term prosperity.

"It's time for Ben Houchen to meet with us and put this right."



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