GMB, alongside sister unions have today met with Local Government Employers to discuss your pay claim, which was submitted in July 2019. This pay claim covers all workers across local government, school & academies that follow National Joint Council (NJC Green Book) pay, terms and conditions.

The Employers confirmed an offer of 2% on all NJC pay points 1 and above.

GMB expressed dismay at the offer and rejected the 2% as an opening offer, and pressed for meaningful negotiations as all elements of the pay claim needed a response. In addition the offer woefully falls short of the £10 per hour real living wage claim for NJC scp1 with a 10% increase on all other NJC/GLPC points.
The employer side noted GMB and sister unions’ disappointment and have undertaken to convene a meeting of the full Employers' Side to discuss a way forward which is acceptable to both sides.

We need all our members to step and help build our bargaining power for pay justice across local government & schools so please do the following asks:

1. Download a poster and organise a mass email to your councillors follow the link for details https://www.gmb.org.uk/local-government-schools-have-your-say-072019
2. Become a GMB rep if you haven’t got one in your workplace details at https://www.gmb.org.uk/become-workplace-representative
3. Recruit a GMB member - colleagues not in a union? Invite them to sign up at www.gmb.org.uk/join
4. Sign up for updates at [email protected]

A joint union press release has been issued: https://www.gmb.org.uk/news/unions-reject-%E2%80%98woeful-local-government-and-schools-pay-offer


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