GMB Union has described new Covid testing plans ‘gesture politics of the worst kind’.

From 10 January 2022 100,000 ‘critical workers’ will have to take a test every day they are working.

Then from tomorrow 11 January 2022 Covid testing rules are to be eased for people without symptoms, who will no longer need to confirm a positive lateral flow test with a PCR.

Dan Shears, GMB Director of Health and Safety, said: "This is gesture politics of the worst kind. The new testing rules cover just a tiny fraction of the UK’s 10 million key workers and will be completely ineffective.

“Meanwhile scrapping the need for a PCR test following a positive lateral flow (LFT) will massively skew the infection figures.  A positive LFT is only added to official figures if someone inputs results into the NHS system themselves - most won’t do this.

“With statutory sick pay at poverty levels of £96 a week, it creates a perverse incentive for workers to ignore a positive LFT and keep working - potentially infecting lots more people.

“It’s placing responsibility back on the individual, and many people can’t afford it.  It’s a recipe for disaster.”



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