Our Regional Equality Forum has been going from strength to strength and leading on some fantastic campaigns recently. 

Our regional equality activists have achieved this working with our officers, in particular Lou Foster-Wilson as the Regional Equality Officer and Neil Cole, Organiser by taking an inclusive approach to the Regional Equality Forum and allowing all those interested in equality within the region to attend meetings and participate in activities.

This open and inclusive approach will continue.  However, to comply with Congress policy and facilitate formal elections onto strands on Regional Council and other democratic bodies, we need to formalise the composition of the Regional Equality Forum, as only those members of the Regional Equality Forum in the appropriate strands who have been nominated to the Regional Equality Forum by their branches will be able to seek nomination for election to Regional Council and the Central Executive Council in the Reserved Seats.

In order to formally constitute our Regional Equality Forum and to facilitate the elections to Regional Council which are imminent, we are inviting branches to nominate one member who self identifies as a member of each of the following equality strands as the representative on the Regional Equality Forum.

  • Women
  • BAME
  • Young Members (under 30)
  • Disabled Members
  • LGBT+

Please note that the branch nomination will be invited and should be prepared to participate in the work of the Regional Equalities Forum, to ensure that its activities go from strength to strength.

If you are interested in being nominated, please contact your branch secretary. 

Nominations need to be submitted to Lou Foster-Wilson, Regional Equality Officer by Tuesday, 30 November 2021. 



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