Sainsbury's and ASDA offer to sell 150 stores 'desperate and disrespectful'

GMB has branded Sainsbury’s and ASDA ‘desperate and disrespectful’ after the supermarkets offered to sell 150 stores to get their merger through.

Sainsbury’s today submitted a plan to sell off up to 150 stores in a bid to make sure the move went through

Last month the CMA’s preliminary report on the takeover offered two options - complete prohibition of the merger or the potential ‘divestment’ of hundreds of stores and depots. 

Thousands workers and shoppers have since signed a GMB petition urging the CMA to ‘protect our communities and people’s livelihoods and block the merger’

Gary Carter, GMB National Officer, said:

“The CMA’s report gave two options – blocking the deal or selling more than 600 stores.

“This offer to flog off 150 stores is both desperate and disrespectful. This is people’s lives and livelihoods we’re talking about and GMB openly opposes this move.

 “It’s ironic both Sainsbury’s and ASDA said they didn’t perceive store closures nor job losses when discussions about the merger took place.

“Their move today shows something quite different,

“The CMA has made it clear – this merger is no longer viable.

“GMB will fight to save members’ jobs and to stop this discredited boardroom deal

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