To turf 28 people out of their homes, and give 45 dedicated carers the sack with no notice is nothing short of disgusting says GMB

The shock closure of a Doncaster care home has left residents and care workers stunned, heartbroken and angry, says GMB.

Following the sudden closure of Warneford House on August 2, 28 dazed residents were forced out of their home without notice.

A fleet of ambulances arrived in the early morning to ferry the residents away – at the same time Doncaster Council were still telling people an assessment was underway and decisions had not yet been made on the fate of the home.

One resident was moved to two further homes before a suitable placement was found.
GMB has written to Ed Miliband, MP for North Doncaster, demanding an urgent meeting to discuss the recent closure of the facility - owned by UK Medi-Care Associates Ltd.

The letter to Mr Miliband reads:
“Surely, if, as the authority asserts, the care provider was not responding to calls that morning, interim measures could have been put in place to support the home rather than tearing vulnerable residents from their worlds and the people they knew.

“Instead 28 elderly and vulnerable people have been uprooted and 45 dedicated staff face the prospect of having no income next month, without any prior warning and who are now understandably nervous about the instability of employment in the care sector. “

Peter Davies, GMB, Senior Organiser, said:
“There will no doubt be reasons for this closure, but simply telling GMB that 45 job losses are not the priority of Doncaster Council, is not good enough.”

Rachel Dix, GMB Organiser, said:
“GMB is demanding a public inquiry into this scandalous situation.

“We knew Doncaster Council was asking for improvements but we were assured by the company and staff were of the belief that those improvements were well underway.

“To turf 28 people out of their homes, and give 45 dedicated carers the sack with no notice is nothing short of disgusting.

“GMB is now seeking support from the local MP and councillors to get answers for all those impacted by these actions.”


Contact: Rachel Dix on 07958 156839, Peter Davies on 07501 228313 or GMB Press Office on GMB Press Office on 07958 156846 or at [email protected]





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