It’s a yes! Says GMB Union as members get porridge back on hospital menus.

Striking NHS catering workers at two hospitals have won a huge victory today [Friday May 3, 2019] after a £1.2 billion outsourcing giant agreed a wage rise.

The low-paid workers – mainly women working in the kitchens at Doncaster Royal Infirmary and Bassetlaw hospital – had been on strike since May 1 after French company Sodexo refused to match the pay rise other members of staff across the hospitals have received.

But today, Sodexo bosses agreed to pay the award in full and backdate it to April last year.

The agreement is a big win for the joint union effort between GMB and Unison.

Sodexo made £65 million in profits in the year to August 2018 – and their directors trousered more than £5 million

In the year to August 2017, the company coughed up £21million to shareholders. [1]

Stacey Booth, Regional Organiser, said:

“Sodexo underestimated the strength of feeling amongst their workers.

“Members were adamant until they received a promise the company would pay up the action would continue.

“Today, their persistence has paid off and we are pleased to announce that Sodexo have agreed in conjunction with the trust to pay the award in full and backdated. 

“It’s a yes from us – and now our members can get back to work and get porridge back on the hospital menu. 

“This is a fantastic win for members but one they should never have had to fight.

“This sends a strong message GMB will not lie down in the face of corporate greed.

“We hope that the relationship with Sodexo will be much more constructive going forward.”


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