Unless Sunderland Council recognise GMB’s collective negotiations we will move to submitting 300 legal cases that will tie up valuable time.

In autumn 2023, GMB identified an equal pay claim for Sunderland Care and Support (SCAS) Staff. 

Women workers are missing out on pension rights and comparable pay grades as enjoyed by their predominantly male counterparts in Sunderland Council (SCC).

GMB has now signed up 300 women to a collective grievance and have in good faith been negotiating with the council over the dispute at several grades in SCAS.

Following the council’s refusal to recognise these ‘lead complainants’ as representative of all women signed up to the claim, GMB is now preparing to launch individual legal claims on behalf of those affected.

Mark Wilson, GMB Organiser said:

“We have tried to negotiate collectively with Sunderland Council, but they are choosing to play petty politics.

“Following the breakdown of communications, GMB are now launching 300 individual legal claims which will no doubt tie council officials up in knots, whilst wasting valuable officer time that could be spent on delivering for the people of Sunderland.

“It’s time that the Council accepted liability, settle with GMB and pay up the cash they owe Sunderland's carers.”



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