TASC - The Ambulance Staff Charity Needs Our Help

As the Coronavirus crisis is currently having a serious impact on the ambulance service. With call numbers soaring, interactions with patients are changing, and staff on the road and in the control centres are under chronic pressure.

At a time when most people are socially distancing themselves from others, our ambulance crews are doing what they always do going into the homes of sick and vulnerable strangers to offer help.

TASC the ambulance services charity has been a victim of its own success and is in need of support. TASC are there to support the ambulance community in times of need. They are dedicated to supporting the mental, physical and financial wellbeing of ambulance staff.  Their services include counselling, support with trauma and PTSD, physiotherapy, debt advice, financial grants, bereavement support and general wellbeing advice.

Please share this link and donate to a cause that needs help now. http://tiny.cc/3q4cmz



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