Tory Manifesto 'Total Shambles' After U-Turn

This gives the lie the country is in safe hands with the Tories, says GMB. The GMB union has branded the Conservative manifesto ‘a shambles’ after the party performed a u-turn on social care just days after the policy was announced.

In the manifesto, launched on Thursday, the Conservatives vowed to make the elderly pay the costs of social care until they had £100,000 of assets left.

After the policy was slammed as a ‘dementia tax ‘, they decided to introduce a cap on the amount people will pay for their social care - but have yet to say what that cap will be.

Rehana Azam, GMB National Secretary, said:

“How can you trust Theresa May when she makes a u-turn on her own manifesto just days after the Tories launched it?

“Theresa May’s social care policy is now a total shambles .

"It's caused chaos - they haven't even said what the cap will be.

"She can't be trusted to give dignity and fairness to the elderly and the sick.

“This unbelievable volte face really does leave the Conservatives line about being 'strong and stable' in tatters - it shows a wobbly Theresa May and a weak Government.”


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