14-20 February 2022

HeartUnions 2022 is a campaign week of activity where the trade union movement celebrates unions and the good that we do.

The week is a chance for us to share our stories about why unions are vital for everyone at work, and encourage workers to join a union.

Here's how you can take part : Your stories are powerful As part of HeartUnions week we want as many people to hear your story, so others can benefit too. Tell us your union member story.

Have conversations with non-members, asking them to join GMB www.gmb.org.uk/join-gmb.

Kick off HeartUnions week by joining the organising call on Monday 14 February at 6.30pm where you'll hear union general secretaries and regional secretaries share their inspiring stories of recent campaign wins and about the importance of union organising and recruitment.

It's not just in the UK that trade unions are making a difference. Across the world unions are ensuring workers get the fair pay and conditions they deserve. Join our online event Trade unions organising to win around the world where you'll hear speakers from Spain, India, Chile and the US. 

Do the online course on Organising for union reps. You'll learn how to map your workplace, build a team, talk to colleagues and organise a campaign. 

Share social media graphics. We've made it easy for you! Download and share these Facebook, Twitter and Instagram images to show everyone how brilliant unions are! 






















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