Union Anger As Airedale NHS Trust Propose Move To Solely Owned Subsidiary

GMB, Britain's General Union, which represents thousands of NHS workers across the UK, has promised to continue its fight to oppose the proposal of the transfer of staff at Airedale NHS Trust to a new company which will take over the running of the Trust's services.

Gary Baker, GMB Regional Organiser, said: "The GMB are consulting with members on the proposal to outsource them to this new company, but the message from staff is clear, they are NHS workers and want to remain so. Many of the staff affected have been employed by the Trust for years. That service with the NHS is going to be ripped away. There is a lot of mistrust, and once again it's the workers that are having to pay the price."

Continuing, Mr Baker said: "Only today we have heard that bank staff (zero hours) are being asked to sign letters to say they will work for this new company, but with no idea of what their terms and conditions will be. I believe vacancies are not being filled until after the transfer to save money on wages and pensions, which in time will create pension poverty - it's just wrong."

"We have asked the Trust for information on how many staff are on bank contracts, with a view to them offering permanent jobs to staff where possible, but to date we have still not had a reply. The only sensible thing the Trust can do is halt the transfer, stop rushing things through and enter into meaningful consultation."

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For further comment contact Gary Baker on 07958-156837 or 0345 337 7777




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