Talks with management have broken down because management have said they will not change the rota’s (to 1 in 3) until 18th January 2020.

GMB have informed the company that this is not acceptable to our members. We want an immediate change to the rotas. Not enough has been done to effectively recruit new staff. 

Management is expecting our members to work the current rotas for another 4 months before there is a change to the rota’s (to 1 in 3) Even then they have stated that 1 in 3 would not apply to leadership levels. This is not acceptable. 

We want change now, not in 4 months’ time.  Also, the change needs to apply to all levels.

GMB has made it clear that our members are tired and want to spend more time with their families. 

The current rotas aren’t working for our members or the company.

Wilko management said they would be prepared to give level 1 & 2 distribution workers 1 extra day off on a weekend before the peak, but this would not apply to levels 3 & 4.

GMB said we want more weekends off and a single day off and then having to wait 4 months for the rotas to change to 1 in 3 is unacceptable.

We will be taking strike action and will do so when our members want this to happen.




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