Workers warn Gove in 'high noon' meeting

Workers from some of the UK’s biggest manufacturers will warn the government against a no deal Brexit coup and demand detailed answers over jobs and future investment when they meet Michael Gove at 12 noon in the Cabinet Office on Whitehall.

The delegation led by Jack Dromey MP, Jude Brimble, GMB national secretary for manufacturing and Steve Turner, Unite assistant general secretary for manufacturing will include convenors from Unite and the GMB. They will warn that a no deal Brexit will be a catastrophic disaster, destroying skilled manufacturing jobs and communities across the UK.

Representing workers at firms including Airbus, AstraZeneca, British Steel, Burton’s Biscuits, Jaguar Land Rover, Nestle, Rolls-Royce, Scottish Whisky Industry, Toyota, Vauxhall and the Stoke Potteries, the convenors will demand detailed answers on six key areas in the event of a no deal Brexit (detailed below). 

GMB and Unite representatives will be available for interview before and after the meeting.

Jude Brimble, GMB national secretary for manufacturing, said:

“A no deal Brexit would be a disaster for UK manufacturing and the millions of men and women whose livelihoods depend on it.

“The threat of no deal has already seen our manufacturing output plummet, investment frozen while companies spend millions stockpiling and production shifted overseas.

“If Michael Gove thinks ‘we hold all the cards’, then lets strike a deal that protects UK manufacturing jobs – rather than crashing out in chaos.”



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