Members’ Case Information Pack


Some of you may remember that in June 2007 the region introduced a paper version booklet entitled ‘The Member’s Case Information Pack’. 

The idea behind this was to offer a standardised recording booklet for GMB workplace reps to enhance the service to their members by having a one stop booklet to record information in respect of service delivery to members in the following categories: shop stewards, health & safety reps & union learner reps.

The education department is pleased that the feedback on the use of this document has been very well received and has now led to us installing this up-dated version onto our regional website.  So those of you who have the facility to access this can now download and print off as many copies as you may require. 

For those of you who are unable to print off, the paper version remains in operation via your full-time organiser.

Members Case Information Pack.pdf


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