GMB@Work Noticeboard Tool Kit for Reps

Thank you for all the work you do building GMB in your workplace and making it strong and effective.

This GMB@Work Noticeboard Toolkit gives you the necessary materials to make the best use of the noticeboards where you work.

The most important part of the GMB@Work Noticeboard Toolkit is your contact details.  Each poster has a space for you to put your contact details on so that GMB members and would-be GMB members always know how to contact you.  Please make sure you fill in this area as you put up the material.

The noticeboard is an important part of communicating with people in the workplace.  Please make sure that GMB@Work noticeboards in your workplace:

  • look professional
  • give full contact details for local GMB representatives
  • keep GMB members and would-be members up to date with information about workplace issues
  • list GMB meeting dates, venues and news
  • give news of meetings with the management

Thank you once again for your hard work 

GMB@Work Noticeboard.pdf
GMB@Work Noticeboard Toolkit.pdf


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