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Enjoy Good Health – Courtesy of GMB

We’re delighted to offer all members the opportunity to join the new GMB Dental & Healthcare Plans which save you money on costly visits to the dentist, optician, ongoing medical expenses and much more


GMB Dental Plan

The GMB Dental Plan saves you money on costly trips to the dentist. Whether you have a NHS or private dentist we have plans to suit you. 

Why should I join this plan?

  • This is the only dental plan on the market that pays 100% of your dental bills back (subject to generous annual maximums)
  • This means that if your check up, scale and polish costs £60, you can claim £60 back
  • White fillings and crowns are also covered on all Private Patient Plans
  • There are no penalties for claiming, plus, your premium will not go up when you claim
  • We can cover your partner and family members too, giving you total peace of mind
  • You can only buy this plan as a member of GMB, you won’t find it on the high street

It’s simple and straightforward to join, all you need is a clean bill of health from your dentist before you join the plan.

To apply or for further information call freephone 0800 037 2072, alternatively you can apply online .


GMB Health Plan

The new GMB Health Plan is a low-cost alternative to private medical insurance. Whilst it doesn’t cover operations, it will save you money on ongoing medical expenses not covered by the NHS, such as trips to the dentist, optician, physio and more.


You’re covered for 100% of your ongoing medical expenses (up to generous annual maximums)
This includes cover for:

  • Optical care, sight tests, glasses, contact lenses, even laser eye surgery
  • Dental check-ups, hygienist services, accidental damage and denture repairs
  • Specialist consultations and tests, if your GP refers you to hospital for a scan, you’re covered. Even if you knew about your condition before you joined the plan
  • Therapy treatments such as physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture and a wide range of alternative therapies. Again, you’re covered even if it’s for an existing problem
  • You can also cover up to 5 dependent children, free of charge.

If you have an existing healthcare plan, call us and find out how we compare to other providers, you can switch to GMB and be covered immediately. This plan is only available to you as a member of GMB, you can’t buy it on the high street.

To apply or for further information call freephone 0800 037 2078, alternatively you can apply online.


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