Motor Drivers’ Fund


In the case of offences in connection with the Road Traffic Acts, contributing members will be entitled to free legal advice and where, in the opinion of the regional secretary, it is desirable that a member should be represented in court, such defence will be provided.

If a member of the Motor Drivers’ Fund is found guilty of an offence and is fined, a grant will be made by the union except where the charge is for:

  • Log book offences
  • Any driver not having insurance cover as required by the current road traffic legislation
  • Proceedings arising from drink/drug related offences
  • Wilful neglect or any criminal act on the part of members.

Download an application form and full fund rules below or contact regional office on:0345 337 7777

Motor Drivers' Fund Application Form.pdf

Motor Drivers' Fund Rules.pdf

Motor Drivers' Fund Claim Form.pdf

Money Saving Expert - Parking Guide.pdf



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