National Lifelong Learning Fund

History And Background Information

On 1st August 2016, GMB launched the National Lifelong Learning Fund. This fund is available to members to help them access education. The fund was launched to coincide with the first meeting of the GMB National Lifelong Learning Committee which was created in line with Congress Motion 74 in 2015. Any member who meets the requirements of the terms and conditions laid out can apply to it for financial assistance in pursuance of education and training.

This membership benefit is viewed as both an organising tool and a retention tool.  As an organising tool non-members of the GMB have to become members and have at least 53 weeks continuous subscriptions to apply.

As a retention tool it is aimed at members who may have recently lost their employment and need financial assistance to assist them to upskill and reskill.

It is also available to members who want financial support to help them progress in education or their career.

National Lifelong Learning Fund.pdf

National Lifelong Learning Fund Application Form.pdf


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