Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The GMB organise in politics just like we organise in workplaces. It’s so we can improve the terms and conditions of our members. This can take many forms including leading campaigns to pass new laws on pay, health, safety, and policies that our members have agreed democratically.

Why does the GMB get involved in politics?


Politics is often closed to most people; the GMB get involved to provide a voice for workers in the halls of power. Ultimately if you don’t have a seat at the biggest negotiating table in the land (Parliament) then just like in the workplace we put our members at an instant disadvantage.

What's the GMB's Relation with the Labour party?


The GMB helped found the Labour party about a century ago, we did this because workers across the country were being exploited and continue to be today. We use our formal role within the party to advance the rights and concerns of our members.

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