Retired Members’ Association

Since 1985 GMB’s Retired Members Association (RMA) has continued to grow. Retired members and their partners are urged to maintain an active interest in the activities of the RMA such as those below.

The RMA has four key objectives:

  • to provide practical assistance in the recruitment, retention and organisational objectives of the GMB wherever and whenever possible

  • to campaign on behalf of retired GMB members and thus bring about dignity in retirement

  • to work in partnership with like-minded pensioner groups whenever it is appropriate to do so and

  • at all times comply with the equal opportunity policies of the GMB.

These aims and objectives are about furthering the interests and aspirations of retired members and their partners, building and maintaining the goals of our 65,000 plus retired members nationally and developing a seamless link with the working membership of the GMB.

You joined the GMB to protect and advance your interests at work and the same criteria apply in retirement. If you are interested, or about to retire, and would like to stay active and involved in GMB activities, please contact GMB on 0345 337 7777. 


Retired Members' Association Meeting Dates

Dates to follow.

National Pensioners Convention

Declaration: “This Convention declares that every pensioner has the right to choice, dignity, independence and security as an integral and valued member of society.  These rights require an adequate state pension linked to average earnings, comprehensive free health care and concessionary travel on public transport.”

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Remember - retire from work but not from the union!

GMB Pensions Policy

To ensure all GMB members have the ability to live with dignity and security in work and in retirement.

Occupational Pensions

All employers should contribute a reasonable amount to their employees’ retirement through good occupational pension schemes
Pensions should be a standard feature of all collective bargaining agreements reflecting the importance of this part of the remuneration package 
Better protection for pensions when a company’s ownership changes so that no employee is disadvantaged in terms of pension provision as a result of the change of ownership of their employer 
The Pension Protection Fund should incorporate provision for the terminally ill to access a lump sum benefit from the fund 
Consultation on pension changes should involved meaningful discussion of options and be approached with a genuine intention to reach agreement 
All pension schemes should have 50% member representation on their governance boards.

State Pensions

Immediate restoration of the earnings linked indexation of the basic state pension when better than RPI linking 
Cash injection to the basic state pension to restore its value since the link was broken 
Abolition of means testing for pension benefits 
Reform of National Insurance to enable more women and carers to build up pension entitlement 
Improved flexibility of the provision for individuals to buy back National Insurance contributions 
Opposition to the increase in the state pension age until there is an equitable distribution of longevity expectations 
Indexation of the Winter Fuel Allowance to cover pensioners’ utility bills.

GMB Retired Life Membership

The RMA campaigns on behalf of retired members to bring about dignity in retirement.  Among other issues, they campaign for better pension provision, affordable public transport and utilities, and improved care conditions.  Most branches of the RMA meet several times a year and there is an annual national RMA conference.  If you are interested in joining the RMA you should contact Lita Southam for further information.

GMB Congress 2015 agreed new rules for retired life members as follows: "If a member retires on or after 1st July 2015 they can apply for free retired life membership within three months of no longer paying contributions in line with rules 45 or 46." To qualify, a member has to be permanently retired from paid employment, have been a member for at least five years previously and apply in writing to become a retired life member of the union.

Benefits of life membership include:

• Legal assistance, such as free wills and personal injury claims. For further details contact GMB on 0345 337 7777.

• Funeral Benefit of up to £375 is payable to members with at least 5 years continuous membership.

Equality & Inclusion

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