British Gas

Is outsourcing NDC/CDC just the start for the race to the bottom for BG?

Dear Member,

Having heard about the outsourcing of the NDC/CDC sites in the Midlands, we must ask ourselves what is next?

Recently we wrote to you about the failure of British Gas to turn up to a meeting with GMB and the TUC to discuss the future of your industry, and now we are having to write to you again on the closure of a key part of your service.

British Gas have not been covering themselves in glory lately and now we understand the side of the business that provides you with everything you need is out to tender, how much more does this failed accountant have to do to put stress and anxiety across the workforce?

In the “Fire & Rehire” campaign led by British Gas they made it clear that this side of the business was profitable, and the changes were needed across the collective, now what does this say? What is the real plan?

To outsource the mechanism that keeps you all equipped is farcical to say the least. When we have operational profits and Centrica announcing £3 billion in profits - where is the investment?

Services should be looking at a share of that profit, not windfall avoidance pay awards.

We are clear the modal of service & repair is not broken - it is failed leadership that is obsessed with lining their own pockets at any cost that is the problem - you deserve better.

To be clear that this is what happens when you have a failed accountant at the helm of a company, who only knows how to slash & burn. What British Gas workers & customers deserve is a plan for growth.

Let us face it the closures of the NDC (National Distribution Centre) and CDC is the canary in the mineshaft signalling what their true intention are.

We will as ever in our region have the interests of you the member as our priority, and like always we will fight every step of any attempt to diminish your livelihood, this is not a drill, and we are keeping you informed now so that we are prepared for whatever comes at us. Let's see what the business brings up to justify this I'm sure you will all wait in anticipation.


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