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Job evaluation happened over a decade ago in Sheffield City Council, this is where your job was matched to a role profile and given a job working conditions score.

Your assigned role profile and job working conditions score then dictated where you sat on the pay scale—how much you are paid.

Our opinion is that job evaluation should be re-visited on a regular basis, to ensure the validity of the scores and grades. We are aware that unless someone has requested a re-grade, these evaluations have not been reassessed.

It is the GMB’s belief that the job evaluation/job allocation scheme, used to grade roles in Sheffield City Council does not provide a genuine assessment of job roles, and is not fit for purpose.

From workplace visits, and speaking to you - our members - job cuts have meant that many of you are undertaking additional duties and work, to the point that we believe the original job evaluation score no longer reflects the duties that many of you carry out.

Therefore, we wanted to bring to your attention what you need to do if you feel your job is one that has changed significantly, to the point that you are now working above your pay scale, and you are doing duties that are not in your current job description.


You need to be a GMB member to join the campaign: If you need to join GMB, visit:

Have a look at your job description: If you don’t have one, ask your line manager for a copy. Email your manager and HR: HRGrading&[email protected]

Make a list of all the duties you do that are not in your job description: Create a copy of your JD, and amend it with any additional responsibilities you are undertaking. Make sure these amendments are in a different colour to the rest of the text.

Additionally, think about your day at work, what does it look like? A day in the life of you in your role. What skills are you using, and what duties are you doing, from start to finish. If you can, keep a detailed diary of one of your working days. (This will help in the re-grade process)

Get the LA panel, and CG panel paperwork for your job description: The Local Allocation Panel and Corporate Grading Panel paperwork will be available via your line manager and HR: HRGrading&[email protected]

Contact us:   When you have the documents, or HR Grading have confirmed they don’t have the documents, contact your GMB Team. [email protected]

Guide - Sheffield Needs a Re-grade



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