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GMB responds to draconian taxi and private hire licensing proposals from Leeds City Council and the wider region. 
We have prepared a response to go to all local authorities that seek to adopt the governments regulations, many of which have been labelled as discriminatory at best and racist in some parts by the taxi and private hire community.
The GMB are determined to ensure our members views and anger is taken seriously during the current consultations taking place around the review of these changes, a review that we won through our campaigning.
For years the licensing policies throughout West Yorkshire have been held up as being robust and fit for purpose, why change something that is not broken? 


(Leeds & West Yorkshire)

After lodging a formal dispute with Leeds City Council, the GMB hase now met with James Lewis, the leader, and all of the Council leaders in West Yorkshire.

Wakefield had already agreed to meet with our asks for a full review of the Taxi and Private hire Licensing Suitability and Convictions Policies and has, we are pleased to say, agreed to adopt our Fair Taxi Licensing Charter.

The leader in Kirklees is also supportive and York has agreed full reviews of all policy, now. We have meetings set up with Bradford and a second meeting planned with Calderdale.  We have agreed the following statement with Leeds:  

Supporting the future of the Taxi Trade

The pandemic has impacted lots of professions, not least taxi drivers. In the last two years drivers have faced the highest covid mortality rate of any profession in the country.

At the same time drivers have kept our communities going, taking people to work in hospitals and providing a vital service in getting people to the shops.

That is why, Leeds City Council have worked hard with our recognised trade union, the GMB and the trade to improve the welfare of drivers and provide the exceptional standards of safeguarding the public are accustomed to when catching a taxi in Leeds.

To achieve this, the council is committed to an open review of its taxi and private hire licencing policies, responding to the views of the GMB and the trade alongside the existing consultation. This will be taken forward now by a newly established working group.

Looking to the future, we’re committed to improving how we consult with the trade and will work with the GMB to develop their Taxi Charter.

The first meeting of the new Leeds working group has been agreed today and will take place in late April. We have always took the position that we are better off sat at the negotiation table in the Town Halls than stood outside of them but be assured we will always listen to your concerns and use all and any means at our disposal to achieve the best possible working condition for all of our members.

Thanks for your support and solidarity,

Peter Davies, Andrew Aldwinkle & Louise Foster - Wilson


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